Managed Firewall Solution from Web Specialists, Inc.

Houston Managed Firewall Service

Is the network at your business secure from outside and inside threats? Most companies do not really know the answer to that question, or they have a false sense of security, with many of them actually being vulnerable. Web Specialists, Inc. is a Houston Managed Firewall Company that can ensure that your network is as secure and safe as possible from internal and external exploits.

Firewall Management

We help businesses by installing a professional grade firewall at their office, and configuring it with optimal security settings, and then we manage the firewall once deployed. The majority of firewalls on the Internet are not configured optimally, thus giving the business a false sense of security, but with Web Specialists, Inc. you will rest assured that the firewall is running with an optimal configuration to protect your electronic assets. We manage client firewalls to make that the firewall firmware is up to date, and that any changes necessary in the configuration are made. In addition we monitor client firewalls to look for any unauthorized attempts to gain access to the network, and react quickly to ensure that unauthorized use is not attained. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston can also setup and configure a VPN Network so that your authorized users can access your network from remote locations.

Firewall Monitoring

Web Specialists, Inc. also monitors and reacts to internal threats from your network, such as virus infected computers that are attempting to send email or other network traffic to infect additional devices. These internal threats can result in loss of data by your business, a reduced level of trust of your network, and possible blacklisting of your network by others. Most companies do not have anyone monitoring their firewall, and when internal threats emerge, the results can be devastating.

Web Specialists, Inc. is the Solution

Web Specialists, Inc. is the Houston Managed Firewall Company that your business needs, as we can help to ensure that your electronic assets are safe from intrusion. Contact Web Specialists, Inc. and find out how we can help your business to secure your network from internal and external threats.