Application Development from Web Specialists, Inc.

Houston Custom Programming

Web Specialists, Inc. has provided custom website programming services in Houston since 1998, and is the leading company in Houston for application development. Web Specialists, Inc. has a team of expert level programmers in Houston with extensive experience in custom application development, and can develop new applications from the ground up, as well as troubleshoot problems with existing applications. Web Specialists, Inc.'s programmers also have extensive experience in integrating applications with databases and websites.

Custom Application Development

Web Specialists, Inc. offers custom programming services in PHP, .NET, Perl, JavaScript, HTML and CSS languages, has the experience and expertise to deliver the tough projects our competitors can’t, and are willing to work on any size project big or small.

PHP Programming

PHP is a server side scripting that is very commonly used for web based applications on the Internet, and can be used for most development projects, especially database driven applications. This is the most frequently used server side programming language by Web Specialists, Inc., because we find PHP to be the best choice for most projects, and it will run on a variety of server operating systems. Our team of programmers in Houston can develop just about any custom application you can imagine in PHP, or can debug and fix a PHP that is having issues.

.NET Programming

.NET is not actually a programming language, but rather a framework, that is used in combination with the C++ programming language to deliver custom applications. This is a Microsoft product offering which limits you to running your application in a Windows environment, but can be a good choice depending on your application, and exclusively if you want to use Microsoft SQL Server for your database. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston can develop your new application in .NET, and can also provide programming services for repairing a current application that has problems.

Perl / CGI Programming

Perl also known as CGI is a server side scripting language that is commonly used on the Internet, and scripts written in Perl can be used for many different types of custom applications. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston has extensive knowledge on programming code in Perl, and can develop any new application, as well as help to debug or fix a problematic custom application.

JavaScript Programming

JavaScript is a programming language that is widely used by the majority of websites on the Internet, and can be used for many custom purposes including form processing, website layout, animation, formatting data and calculations. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston has written tons of JavaScript code since starting out in 1998, and we can provide custom JavaScript programming for most any requirement. We can also integrate custom JavaScript with your existing website, or troubleshoot and fix issues with an existing JavaScript application.

HTML Website Programming

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the standard language that all web pages and websites on the Internet are written in. Since 1998 Web Specialists, Inc. has been developing web sites written in HTML, and we possess an unmatched level of expertise in writing custom HTML from scratch. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston can create your company a custom website that is written from scratch in HTML to meet your requirements. A word of caution, some self-proclaimed web developers who are not able to write HTML from scratch use cookie-cutter tools designed for non-programmers and those tools often create non-standard HTML code that can cause you issues with cross-browser compatibility and search engines.

CSS Website Programming

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language that is used for styling visual elements of web pages and websites, including the layout, graphics and fonts. The team at Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston is extremely well versed in CSS, which we use in every development we do, and can assist with any custom CSS programming needed.