Remote Data Backup Service

Houston Remote Backup

How safe is your data? What would it cost your business in Houtson if your data was lost, stolen or erased? Loss of data due to hard drive crashes, corrupt files, over writes, and theft are common. While not as common but still a threat, natural disasters such as storms and fire can also lead to loss of data. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houtson can keep your data safe with its Remote Backup service which is a turnkey offering. Our Remote Backup software is installed on either a server or workstation, and then selected files and directories are encrypted and uploaded to our backup server and stored to disk. Once stored on disk, each night the data saved to tape, with a different tape for each day of the week. So we have today's data on disk, and 7 days data on tape. Through the remote backup software our clients can retrieve and restore files as needed. So if you want to make sure your data is safe, contact us.