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Web Specialists, Inc. is the king of Houston SEO or Search Engine Optimization companies, and has been helping businesses to succeed in Internet Marketing since 1998. We are a pioneer in the Houston Search Engine Optimization market, have more experience than the competition, and deliver guaranteed results. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is a critical area in Internet Marketing, and Web Specialists, Inc. is the proven Houston SEO leader. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, also known as website promotion is when we optimize your website for organic listings in search engines. Organic listings are the traditional search results you get when doing a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, excluding the paid advertisements, and the organic results on the first page are most likely to be clicked. Web Specialists, Inc. provides Search Engine Optimization or SEO services that will optimize your website in order to achieve the highest ranking possible in search results on search engines. At Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston our success rate is that 80% of the search phrases we provide search engine optimization for show up on the first page or top 10 results on search engines. In addition Web Specialists, Inc. offers a written guarantee for success, which none of our competitors do, but we can do that because we are just that good at Search Engine Optimization.

On-Page SEO - Search Engine Optimization

There are two types of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, on-page and off-page, both of which are critical to the success of your marketing campaign. On-page SEO is when you actually optimize the content on the website itself, in order to make sure it is well optimized for search engines. Web Specialists, Inc. uses only the latest optimization techniques, and fully understands what the search engines are looking for, in order to deliver successful and sustainable results. Web Specialists, Inc. does not take shortcuts, or use any techniques that are questionable in the eyes of search engines, because questionable techniques will only result in short-term results and may get your website penalized.

Off-Page SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Off-page SEO deals with building links from other websites to your website, with link building being a major factor in the search engine ranking, and Web Specialists, Inc. only builds links using safe organic means. Web Specialists, Inc. Does Not use any link building methods such as link farming, as those methods are against the search engine terms of service, and can put your website in jeopardy of being penalized or de-listed by the search engines. Off-page SEO also includes other areas of Internet Marketing, Local SEO including citation building and review websites and social media marketing. The team at Web Specialists, Inc. has an unmatched level of experience and knowledge, and can deliver the results your business needs.

SEO from Web Specialists, Inc.

Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston can help your company in all areas to make sure that the Search Engine Optimization or SEO work being done for your website is highly successful. We offer a Free Initial Consultation with no obligation, where we will evaluate your needs, and recommend a plan of action.