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Houston Search Engine Marketing

Internet Marketing is a general term used in the industry, which covers all of the different areas of website marketing on the Internet, and is sometimes also referred to as Digital Marketing. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston has more Internet Marketing experience than any other company in Houston, as we have been providing marketing and promotion services for websites since 1998, and we can help your business to get the most exposure possible on the Internet. Internet Marketing strategies and techniques change rapidly, and in today’s world Internet Marketing has become extremely complex with a lot of areas to cover. Web Specialists, Inc. is well versed in best current practices for all areas, and can help to ensure that your business gets the maximum benefit from Internet Marketing. The team at Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston has a vast and intricate knowledge of Internet Marketing, and can help your business to develop and implement the most successful marketing strategy.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

The most important area in Internet Marketing is search engine optimization or SEO for short, and also known as website promotion, which is when we optimize your website for organic listings in search engines. Organic listings are the traditional search results you get when doing a search on Google, Bing or Yahoo, excluding the paid advertisements, and the organic results on the first page are most likely to be clicked. Web Specialists, Inc. provides search engine optimization or SEO services that will optimize your website in order to achieve the highest ranking possible in search results on search engines. At Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston our success rate is that 80% of the search phrases we provide search engine optimization for show up on the first page or top 10 results on search engines. In addition Web Specialists, Inc. offers a written guarantee for success, which none of our competitors do, but we can do that because we are just that good at search engine optimization.

There are two types of search engine optimization, on-page and off-page, both of which are critical to the success of your marketing campaign. On-page is when you actually optimize the content on the page itself, in order to make sure it is well optimized for search engines. Off-page deals with building links from other websites to your website, and also includes other areas of Internet Marketing, citation or local listings, review websites and social media. Web Specialists, Inc. can help your company in all areas to make sure that the search engine optimization or SEO work being done for your website is highly successful.

Local SEO

Local SEO or search engine optimization is for optimizing a website for search results on a local basis, so that when someone that is geographically close to you does a search, your website comes up in the results. Search engines have been moving towards providing more localized search results, and use Geo IP Location services to determine the location of the person initiating a search, in order to deliver search results that are local to that person. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston has extensive experience with local search engine optimization or SEO and can help your business to develop and implement a successful campaign. Local SEO is not a completely separate service from search engine optimization itself, as you will still optimize your website, but would also add some additional optimization for the local element. In addition with Local SEO there are other areas of high importance, local listings, citation building, review web sites and social media which all tie in with Local search engine optimization. Web Specialists, Inc. can offer a turnkey solution for Local SEO, which will result in your website having a very high level of exposure in local search results.

Local Listings / Citation Building

Citation Websites or Local Listings are sites with listings that contain a NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) for your business, and sometimes also have a link to your web site or other information. When doing Internet Marketing, and especially Local SEO, it is critical that your company not only have citations listed on the main sites, but also that your information is correct. Having correct information listed on all of the main citation web sites builds credibility for your website with search engines, by verifying and validating the information you have listed on your own website. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston helps companies with its Citation Building service, by making sure that you are listed on the main citation web sites, getting any duplicates removed, and by correcting any information that is outdated or inaccurate. Our team in Houston provides this service manually by hand, in order to have direct control over the outcome, and get the information changed or updated directly in the database of each and every citation website. Beware that there are numerous services (like Yext) out there that charge a monthly fee to syndicate data, but they never actually change or update anything, just syndicate it, and if you ever leave those services your listings will revert back to where they were before you signed up. Citation Building is a very time consuming and tedious process to do it correctly, and Web Specialists, Inc. has done a large number of citation projects, so we can help your business to get it done right.

Review Web Site Marketing

Web Specialists, Inc. has extensive experience in working with the major Review Web Sites, and can work your business to make sure you are listed, and the information is correct, complete and well optimized. Having links and optimized content on all of the review websites is one part of off-page search engine optimization, and is an important part of your overall marketing campaign. Like citation web sites, having correct information on review websites builds credibility for your website with search engines. Also many people trust the major review websites, so being listed with correct information builds trust in the eyes of users of the review websites. Web Specialists, Inc. also works with its clients to develop a plan and strategy for acquiring positive reviews, and can also help with suppressing negative reviews. Web Specialists, Inc. can help to ensure that your business gets the most benefit from review websites as a part of your overall Internet Marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s world having a Social Media presence is a requirement for your business, and has also become a part of Internet Marketing for your website. Web Specialists, Inc. has helped a large number of Houston companies to implement a successful social media campaign. Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston can help your company to setup social media accounts, customize and optimize the accounts, integrate your web site with social media and to utilize social media accounts for off-page search engine optimization. In addition the team at Web Specialists, Inc. can provide posting services, in order to keep your social media accounts active and relevant. Web Specialists, Inc. also provides services to manage advertisement campaigns on social media, which will ensure that your ads on social media get as much targeted exposure as possible.

Reputation Management / Negative Reviews

Does your company have negative reviews out there on the Internet that you wish would just go away? Well unfortunately those defamatory reviews will not go away, unless action is taken, regardless of if they are true or not. With the reputation management service from Web Specialists we can help your business to overcome those negative reviews. Web Specialists, Inc. accomplishes this in a few different ways, one we mediate between you and the author of the defamatory review, two we get some reviews removed due to not meeting the review website’s terms of service, and finally we create new positive content to outrank the negative reviews in the search engines. This is no easy task, and definitely one that you will want experienced professional help with, and Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston has extensive experience and expertise in reputation management. We also offer an ongoing monthly service to monitor for new negative reviews and to react as quickly as possible when identified.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is when you buy advertisements that show up within the search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing, it is based on a Pay Per Click Model, where your business pays each time someone clicks a link in the advertisement to go to your web site. Sounds pretty simple right, but that could not be further from the truth, as there are a pitfalls that can end up costing your business a lot of money and can result in zero business gained. The main pitfall is fraudulent clicks, where the person who clicked your link had no interest in your business, and was only interested in you getting charged for the click. Why would they do that you ask, well the obvious answer is that it was a competitor trying to harm you, and that definitely does happen. But the more dangerous answer is that it could be click teams, which are rooms full of people clicking for dollars, generating large numbers of clicks and dollars for fraudulent businesses. To understand this better, let us explain this in more detail. Search engines display ads on partner web sites in addition to their own, and are they are aggressive at signing up almost anyone as a partner. So fraudsters create a meaningless website, become a search engine partner, start displaying ads on their fraudulent website, and then deploy click teams that clicks ads on their website for dollars at a 25% commission rate from the search engine. Pretty terrible right, but there is a light at the end of the Search Engine Marketing tunnel, as Web Specialists, Inc. in Houston can help your company to effectively use Search Engine Marketing while avoiding the fraudulent clicks. We offer a search engine marketing service where we manage it for you, handling the bids, the listings and everything else. Then we monitor the clicks that your website receives, noting any potential fraudulent clicks, so that we can block future traffic from those poor quality sources. Our experience shows that typically 25% to 33% of clicks are fraud or of poor quality, so by avoiding those poor quality clicks, Web Specialists, Inc. can typically get your business a lot more clicks for the same money as anywhere else.