7X Speed Internet Access

Tired of dealing with the slow speeds of standard dial-up Internet Access? How would you like to speed up your Internet Access by up to 7 times using your standard modem and phone line? Web SpecialistsTM, Inc. has what you need in its 7X Speed Dial Up product.

7X Speed Dial Up - Versus - Normal 56K Dial-Up
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What Is 7X Speed Dial Up?

7X Speed Dial Up is a nationwide dial-up Internet Access service bundled with proprietary software that enhances the speed of delivery of Web content to your computer.

With 7X Speed Dial Up, Web sites will download and display for the first time in about a third of the time normally required on a 56K line. Subsequent page loads are delivered at up to 7 times faster speed than normal 56k dial-up.

What Is Accelerated? What Is Not Accelerated?
  • Web Pages
  • Graphics
  • Email
  • Secure Pages
  • Streaming Audio / Video
  • File Downloading
7X Speed Dial Up Features
  • Up to 7 times faster than Normal 56K Dial-Up
  • Fastest Accelerated Dial-Up Service Available
  • 30% Faster Than Any Other Accelerated Dial-Up Service
  • 99.9% Service Availability Guarantee
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Over 1,700 Local Access Numbers Covering 85% Of The US
  • 800 Number Access When No Local Number Is Available
  • Free Pop-Up Stopper Software
  • SPAM Filtering Of Email
  • Virus Scanning Of Email
How Much Does It Cost?
7X Speed Dial Up is only $19.99 per month!

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